We Who We Are: An Inside Look

We Who We Are: An Inside Look What accounts for the variations that exist among humans? What makes each person so unique? Are humans the product of nature, nurture, or perhaps a complex blend of both? These are questions that were explored for centuries by scientists, philosophers, psychologists, and ordinary people alike. It is becoming […]

Valentine Smitten Knitting Pattern

More On This Topic: Yarn Australia Valentine Smitten Knitting Pattern by S.Roberts Knitting Pattern for a Valentine Smitten – The Glove for Couples to Wear Together. [youtube][/youtube] Tired of struggling with holding hands while wearing gloves? The Smitten is the Glove for Two, which allows you to actually hold hands while your hands are snug […]

4 Unique Ideas For Wearing Chiffon Scarves

More On This Topic: Http://Www.Victoriahouseneedlecraft.Com.Au 4 Unique Ideas for Wearing Chiffon Scarves by Adolphpaul If you see the ancient Chinese sculptures, the tradition of wearing scarves started 1,000 years before the birth of Christ. Ancient Romans converted square pieces of cloth into that were earlier used to clean the face and neck into a men […]

How To Sell Your Crafts}

More On This Topic: Victoria House Needlecraft Website Victoria House Needlecraft How To Sell Your Crafts by Shawn VincentThe cash register rings, and the person across the counter from you smiles as they take the bag you’re handing them. As they walk away beaming with excitement, they’re chattering with their friend that this is exactly […]

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