4 Unique Ideas For Wearing Chiffon Scarves

4 Unique Ideas for Wearing Chiffon Scarves



If you see the ancient Chinese sculptures, the tradition of wearing scarves started 1,000 years before the birth of Christ. Ancient Romans converted square pieces of cloth into that were earlier used to clean the face and neck into a men s fashion accessory. It did not take much time after that for scarves to gain popularity among women. With time, scarves have gone through many innovations and now they are available in tremendous variety. Among the various patterns and materials available, Chiffon scarves have emerged as the trend setter.

Chiffon is a fabric made from a mix of synthetic fibers, cotton and silk. It can be dyed in many colors, which remain on the yarn for a very long time. Chiffon scarves can be used in many trendy ways, by both men and women. Traditionally, chiffons scarves were used to cover the hair and or were tied around neck. However, in recent times, fashion designers have explored many other ways of using chiffon scarves, adding to the appeal of the whole attire.

Using Chiffon Scarves in Different Ways


Chiffon scarves are so versatile that even a scarf carelessly hanging around the neck can look trendy. However, by just putting some thoughts into dressing, you can become a fashion icon with this accessory. Here are some ways in which you can use chiffon scarves to enhance your appearance:

* With Casual Clothes: To get a casual yet glamorous look, put a chiffon scarf loosely around your neck. You can use these scarves with your jeans and t-shirt to get a new look.

* With Woolens: If you are fond of wearing jerseys and want to experiment with something new, try a soft floral print chiffon scarf for a glamorous makeover. You can try loose knots with on you scarf with a matching jacket.

* Classic Look: For that classy retro look of the 60s, you need vibrant colored chiffon scarves. Fold them diagonally and put them around the neck in bib-style.

* Hip Scarf: Chinese women wrap chiffon scarves around the waist to look attractive. You might have also seen belly dancers using scarves in this manner. This is basically a feminine style and not suggested for men.

No doubt chiffon scarves can add value to any kind look. But you need to take into account the occasion, and ensure that your dressing style suits the event and makes you look distinguished.

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4 Unique Ideas For Wearing Chiffon Scarves
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