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So, you have given your SNAP test, scored well and have finally got the coveted call to the Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management in Pune. You are all happy and excited but is the end of the story that will suffice when it comes to building a rewarding career in the domain of telecom management. If you think that the answer to this question is yes, you are grossly mistaken. Being shortlisted for the interview is just the first step that you have cleared. Making it to SITM means you will also have to clear the group discussion and personal interview. These rounds are scheduled exclusively in order to test your ability to be able to handle the corporate challenges as a future manager.

Most people tend to bite dust just because they end up getting nervous at this stage. Instead, what we would tell you is get a hold on your nerves and prepare carefully. A little bit of dedication and you are sure to flaunt the skill that will impress the interviewers or panel.

For those who are still doubtful, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

Industry know how is mandatory

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We dont expect you to memorize every bit of information that you come across but keeping a track of the landmarks or key factors that have led to a revolution in the industry can be helpful. After all, this simply shows your interest in the field and therefore your intent to pursue the course.

Dont try new things last minute

Everyone has a different strategy and will accordingly share different suggestions. But, you need to think carefully and accordingly take in the relevant information. Always remember that trying to do ten different things at the last minute will never yield positive results.

Dress properly

You may not like formals but thats what you wear when you are invited to interview. The SITM admission process also has been designed to replicate the actual system followed in the corporate world. Therefore, when you are invited to an interview, wearing formals is important. Above all, you have to dress properly be well-groomed. For example guys turning up with an untamed beard are really not good when it comes to impressing the interview panel.

Answer confidently

Confidence is the key and yet we forget about it when it comes to handling pressure situations. Dont let this happen when you are giving the interview. If you know the answer say it confidently and even when you dont know things, be bold enough to accept your inability.

Organize your papers

Imagine a situation where the interviewer opens your file and has to struggle to organize your papers. This is disastrous and will surely downgrade your chances. Instead, organize your papers properly before being invited to the interview. This will simplify matters for the panel and automatically allow you to start off with a positive note.

Dont be adamant

A lot of people are stubborn by nature and this reflects in their attitude when they sit for interviews at places like SITM. However, managers are not supposed to be stubborn or adamant and so if you have these qualities, chances of things turning out against you are quite high.

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