Difference Between Types Of Garage Doors Residential Vs Commercial}



Action Over Head Door Of SavannahIn past garages used to be the dark spaces full of cobwebs, junk and several kinds of smells. The place which used to be the store for ladders and not so useful stuff of the owner is giving way to bright, well organized work and play spaces. Home builders and owners are getting creative enough to make garage space more than just a place earlier thought to be for parking vehicles and dumping stuff. This transformation is wide spread and is not confined to residential territory but to the commercial establishments too. When you think of installing a new garage door or a replacement you should be sure about the purpose it is going to serve for you. If you see it in the light of the efficiency and aesthetics, you will understand the difference between residential and commercial garage doors

clearly. Nowadays the garage owners need their work to be in proximity with their home, therefore it is a good idea to have a commercial door for your garage. However, it is a big and important decision therefore you need to have a technical and expert insight to this vast topic. For the better understanding of the readers, features of each one of them have been listed separately. Hope this will help you in finding out the best door that suits your need.

Though the sizes of these two categories of garage doors remain elementary difference between two, there are plenty of them to be added like the prices. Commercials are much higher in rice than their counterparts. A standard garage door for residences is 7 feet taller; its height may though ascend or descend as per the requirement. Typical commercial door is more in height as it needs to allow the loading and unloading of supplies from trucks. RESIDENTIALSFollowing is the list of features of the residential garage doors


1)They have to look good and perform well.2)They allow the parking of light weight vehicles such as cars, bikes. 3)Depending on the size of the garage, the number of vehicles varies from a combination of 1 car and 1 bike to 2 cars. 4)Available in wide variety of materials like wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass. Large array of designs catering to the aesthetic needs of a home. 5)Designed specifically for private residences. COMMERCIALS1)They are subject to rigorous use and hence have to be very strong and durable.2)Heavy commercial vehicles are parked in the commercial garages.3)Limitations are there in the material used. The most common and popular is that made up of galvanized steel or aluminum. 4)Engineered for the warehouses and industrial settings. Before concluding, it is important to highlight the similarities too. They both are made strong to protect the vehicles parked inside and the other valuables stored inside.

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Difference Between Types Of Garage Doors Residential Vs Commercial}
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