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9 November

Tiny Craft Room Uses Rv Storage Ideas

By Angela Glancy

A craft room is a great place to keep hobby items that would otherwise clutter up your family’s living space or home office. Craft rooms tend to be very small though, some no more than the size of a walk in closet, so storage becomes a key concern for those hobbies that require lot of accessories and components. The best solution for a tiny craft room is to use RV type of storage.

Like a small craft room, an RV (recreational vehicle) tends to house a lot of items in a very small space. These not only have to be housed, but secured so that everything does not get tossed about or broken when the RV is moving during travel. For that reason, RV storage is the ideal solution to tiny craft room storage.

Storage Ideas: Apothecary

The biggest thing that accumulates in a tiny craft room is paraphernalia. Whether you are a scrapbook fanatic, love to sew, create photo collages, or build model cars, it requires a host of items in order to make projects flow smoothly. The biggest challenge in the room is to find a home for the myriad of little parts and pieces that you need in order to have fun with your hobby.

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One great answer is an apothecary, which is very similar to a wall of drawers used in a medicine shop to store a lot of medicines and medicine equipment. They can be as shallow or deep as you need them to be, and floor-to-ceiling drawers are stylish and a handy means of storing everything. Labeling the drawers will help you find what you are looking for when you work your hobby, and everything stays neat and organized.

Storage Ideas: Cube Storage

Cube wall shelves are another simple and helpful idea for storing some types of craft materials, such as paper, felt, tape, paint, and similar items. Much like a picture frame, they are cubes that hang directly on the wall with room to insert a few accessories. Size and depth are based on the cube, and varying sizes can create depth in the room while still maintaining style and sophistication.

Similar to an apothecary, a cube storage system offers many different units to hold multiple items securely. However, many cube storage systems are customizable, whereas the apothecary’s cubes are all the same size. With a cube storage system, you can tailor the size of the cube to meet your needs, and some systems come with doors that can be closed on scissors, glue, and dangerous items that should be kept away from children or pets.

Making Every Inch Count

Finally, the best RV storage for a tiny craft room is to make every square inch of storage space count. Build storage drawers or cabinets under your desk. Take a cabinet with a door, such as a medicine cabinet, and appropriate it for craft room use. Hanging baskets are great, but they spill easily and aren’t always the best option for storing small items. Use them for yarn or other material that will not fall out easily and make a mess.

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2 October

Choosing And Care Of Oriental Rugs

By Mark Freeman

Nothing says opulence for your floors quite like an oriental rug. Actually, some say the correct way to design a room is to design a room “around” an oriental rug.

Generally the price of a carpet is figured out by the amount of labor and art put into the rug. When considering a rug you will want to consider the quality of the wool and the dyes used in the construction of the rug.

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Some carpets that are passed off today as oriental carpets are actually machine made. Experts can tell the difference by looking at the nap of the carpet. A machine is not able to tie knots as a hand is, therefore a machine made oriental rug will have the nap of the carpet stuck between the base and the wefts. Another way to tell if a carpet is machine made is to check the back of the rug. If the nap is of polypropolene, polyolefin or synthetic wool it is most likely machine made. Also, on a machine made rug the fringe is usually sewn directly to the carpet backing and is not a part of the rug as it is with a handmade rug. Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable carpet dealer who specializes in handmade rugs. This is one of the ways to avoid paying more than you should.

When you purchase an oriental rug there are a few do’s and don’t’s. First, a good quality padding will help to protect the rug, it will also help to prevent it from wrinkling or moving. Generally oriental rugs are placed over hard flooring. A good quality pad can add many years of life to a rug. Rotate the rug frequently. This will help prevent any obvious over-wear on one part of the rug. Try to keep the sun off the rug as much as possible to prevent fading. Remember, this rug will probably outlast any other furniture or rugs you have in your home, and twenty or twenty-five years worth of strong sun can fade wool rugs.

Cleaning your rug is also a consideration. Never have your rug dry cleaned. Never have an oriental wool rug steam cleaned. The steam will remove the essential oils from the carpet which will make it brittle and cause it to wear faster. If you find your rugs needs something other than a mild surface cleaning with water find an expert to do the cleaning for you.

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14 May

Overview On Shower Door Seals

By William I. Neil

Shower door comes in variety of types as well as styles and there are many important considerations that are necessary to maintain while deciding upon shower door. Shower door seal, space available, durability, how the door of shower should open and light permeability. The most regularly used door for shower include bypass as well as sliding door and these doors are specifically used where the space is limited. The finishing style and hardware of the shower door may vary in accordance to an individual’s preference. Etched glass, obscured or translucent glass and blocks of decorative glass are various options that are available in sliding doors for shower.

Traditional door with glass is escorted by many problems like leakage of water, to keep panels clean and to maintain the channels wherever the shower door slides. The fashionable market these days is inundated with large variety shower doors and by far now Frameless-quadrant enclosures for shower are well-admired in all these recent years. Besides livening up your bathroom, these enclosures are very easy to maintain, have more adaptability and more durable in order to meet the individual’s requirements. The market offers variety of choices available for shower doors and one would have to carefully think as well as measure their needs.

Shower door seals are very important in order to keep your shower enclosures away from leakage. There are many shower door seals available in the market today along with variety material in order to avoid water leakage. Vinyl and Polycarbonate Profile Set, Polycarbonate Jamb for 180 degrees, door Jamb and Polycarbonate strike, inline panel seal, dual Durometer Wipe and PVC seal are some of the door seals that are used along with the shower door enclosures. Each seal have different features and they vary in their applications too.

Clear Polycarbonate Jamb 180 degrees:

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This seal is used inline applications of glass-to-glass and are snapped onto fixed panel along with lip on strike side or may be onto the shower door with lip on hinge side. This seal leaves an apparent vision while serving it as functional seal. This seal is made up of very hard Polycarbonate.

Vinyl and Polycarbonate profile set:

This seal consist of all 6 inch pieces of seals as well as wipes, which assist the people in minimizing the water escape commencing their shower. This water sweep and seal profile set can make your customers evaluate various options sealing their frameless new shower enclosure.

Inline panel seal:

This seal is available with the fin of vinyl cushion for around 180 degrees application that is basically used for inline installations from glass-to-glass. In order to fit this seal you have to snap onto fixed panel along with lip on strike side and soft vinyl assists the enclosure of cushion door as well as reduces noise.

Dual Durometer wipe and PVC seal:

This seal and wipe is used for two purposes that include snapping it on the bottom of the shower door along with soft lip that acts as wipe. Another use is to snap an overlapping door with bi-fold and the soft lip act as seal.

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23 December

Peter Maly

By Jessica Whittaker

Peter Maly was born in 1936 and has been an active furniture designer for forty years. Peter Maly is an internationally acclaimed German furniture designer and architect. Peter Maly holds fast to his ideals of understatement and restraint. ‘Stripping of excess, simplifying, letting something speak for itself- without an attitude- this Japanese philosophy has guided my entire creative life.’ His esthetic is the epitome of Danish modern living. Peter Maly’s design esthetic has remained consistent throughout time.

Peter Maly designs are not swayed or diverted by the trends of the modern day. Peter Maly’s furniture is recognizable, modern, contemporary, and highly functional. He uses top quality materials as he strives to create long lasting pieces. Peter Maly rejects the notion of disposable furniture seeking to have his pieces stand the test of time.

Arguably his most famous design, the ‘Maly Bed’ done for Ligne Roset, was originally designed in 1984. The Maly Bed is still selling in large number almost twenty five years after it was made. Its popularity and relevance today show his success in introducing pieces with longevity. In terms of sales, it has been Ligne Roset’s most popular bed over the last quarter of a century solidifying its consumer importance as well as its contribution to the world of modern design.

Peter Maly has strong beliefs in the design elements as they relate to one another and the space they occupy. Peter Maly is not a believer in moving or rearranging furniture, as he feels that everything has its one right place. He has been quoted as saying, ‘When I design a piece of furniture I always consider right away the space it will be placed in. Even a first sketch is never an isolated idea but always part of a complete vision.’

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Peter Maly’s body of work includes furniture, lighting, textiles, tableware and other household items. Peter Maly’s love of the primary colours and bold geometric forms is evident in all of his work. He has said, ‘Basic geometric shapes do not age.’ His love of such shapes and their clean lines reflects his understated sensibilities.

Peter Maly is reported to have said that his two great childhood passions were drawing and nature. Peter Maly started his working life as a carpentry and woodworking apprentice before going on to graduate from The University of Detmold for Interior Design. After graduating, Peter Maly spent the next ten years working as a journalist for a German magazine.

When Peter Maly worked for the German magazine it was difficult to source materials to use for work. In 1970 Peter Maly opened his studio, which focused on designs and interior. The work of Peter Maly is award winning and is recognized internationally.

Peter Maly’s favourite design is the Circo chair, which is an armchair based on geometric and elementary shapes. This chair has a contemporary feel.

Peter Maly has designed a carpet module system, which allows customers to design their own carpet. The customers have a choice of twelve different designs and twelve different colours. This carpet module system gives customers a wide range of choice.

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