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2 March

Smart Business Decisions: Cut Wasteful Spending With Call Accounting

By Shelley Veazie

It doesnt take an economic recession to desire saving money but it does help you to open your eyes and wonder where you can cut back on wasteful spending.

An example of cutting back on wasteful spending is ditching old habits of time consuming and expensive delivery of important statements and going for the greener option of e-billing and paperless statements.

One of the lesser known ways to cut back on wasteful spending is to have a clearer understanding of where you are putting out the most unnecessary expenses. One of the simplest ways to find out where you are throwing your own money into a dumpster is to closely monitor telephony expenses.

Benefits of Call Accounting

Youd be shocked to know how much money is being wasted on communications but once you know, you can do something about it! Call accounting helps to monitor, record, and provide detailed reports that work to display important information about what works, what doesnt, and more.

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Personal Phone Abuse by Employees

To start with, there is the issue of personal abuse of communication facilities by employees. This can be quite costly, and without the use of call accounting it can be almost impossible to know about time theft.

Having a strict policy for employees about personal phone time is useful, but not always effective. However, explaining the use of a call accounting system that monitors personal phone usage is an entirely different story. Not only will you be cutting back on the costs of overages but you will prevent and eliminate the problem altogether.

An additional benefit to raising employee awareness of the use of call accounting is that by decreasing problematic behaviors you will also be increasing employee productivity.

Informative Reports

Call accounting is not just about monitoring your employees. Its about gaining a firm understanding of call expenses. Reports will keep track of call expenses for you, and display this information how you need it displayed. You can tailor call accounting to your unique and individual needs.

Common, important information collected in reports will help you to identify unnecessary telephone expenses, so you can eliminate these expenditures.

You can identify any unanswered calls to a specific group to further increase productivity and reduce lost customers.

Using a call accounting report will help you to identify indicators of optimal performance (such as length of call or the best time to answer) and use this information to raise productivity.


Regardless of the size of your business, there are many financial benefits to investing in call accounting software. In order to save money, you must understand where you are wasting money and call accounting software will provide detailed reports that tell you exactly where your strong and weak points are.

Not to mention that employee productivity will be increased, and overage on personal phone time (or phone abuse) will no longer be a problem. If you know where you are losing money, you can do something about it!

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22 February

Hitachi Magic Wand The Best Sex Toy}

Submitted by: Derek

The Hitachi magic wand is a powerful vibrating muscle massager. Hitachi is the manufacturer of this leading massager. The use of magic wand started in 1970 by North American. Although the device is very effective in relieving muscle stress, it becomes famous because of its significant contribution in love-making. The Hitachi magic wand is perfect to use as a sex toy. The magic wand device is applied to the vulva or anus region. It works by gently stimulating the erotic part of the genital. It can be used by both men and women.

Women used the magic wand to increase the sensitivity of the genitalia thereby enhancing the arousal. Women find it very helpful for masturbation. Their usages have been greatly appreciated by people around the world. A lot of people are buying the product because of its usage as well as its associated advantages. The price of the massager is a bit expensive, but considering its benefits and advantages, it is still reasonably priced. Aside from that, the magic wand is durable and you can even use it for periods of six to seven years, and with proper care you can use it for life. You just need to take good care of it to lengthen its lifespan.

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The magic wand is very effective in aiding as well as soothing muscle pain and other types of pain in the body including those at the back and shoulders. It works by facilitating regeneration of the dead cells and gently stimulates the body to produce new cells. You can adjust the speed of the vibration depending on your preference. Adjusting is very easy because the magic wand has simple features. As a matter of fact, it comes with a long handle making it easy for you to reach those distant areas of your body that cannot be reached by bare hands alone. Its head is very helpful as this is the one producing the vibration with a diameter of 2.5 inches as well as handle of 9 inches.

The remarkable use of the wand is its sexual benefit making it very popular as a sex toy. The head of the wand is being placed against the genitals of the person. It targets those erogenous parts of the body. The gentle vibration is responsible in stimulating those sensitive parts of your body. The main purpose of the vibration is to arouse the person. As you know, a lot of women enjoy orgasm. It is important during the sexual intercourse as it is also beneficial for men. Through the vibrator, the men would be able to enjoy long period of erection. The gentle vibration causes gentle clitoral stimulation.

The wand is also helpful for older people. It works by gently relieving the body pain. The main purpose of the wand no matter which way you use, is that it promotes proper blood circulation. You can purchase the magic wand at the leading online stores and even in traditional stores. There are variations in prices so make sure you do a comparison of price. The vibrator is the most used adult sex toys all over the world. You can also purchase several attachments. The attachments are specially designed to create a soothing feeling. Included in the lists of attachments are G-spotter and wander wand attachments. The device is very easy to use so that you will never have any problems using it. It is the perfect product, especially for people who want to get rid of body pain and as well as for people who want to have a satisfactory sexual intercourse with their partner.

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1 November

Marketing In The Hospitality Industry

By David Shoemaker I.

Many courses in HR leadership discuss the topic of marketing in the hospitality industry. Marketing is an important aspect of hospitality because it helps people in the industry understand their customers. Marketing is a useful tool to the hospitality industry. For example, just as understanding what people want is important in human resources leadership, understanding what customers want is important to those who work in hospitality management. Mangers and leaders in both hospitality and human resources need to work together to better serve the public. Human resources leadership experts as well as hospitality managers agree that the most important goal for any business, especially hospitality and tourism, is to recognize and please customers.

Marketing helps managers and leaders in this industry understand who their customers are and how to satisfy them. It also allows the company who successfully uses marketing, to compete in the marketplace. The main goal of marketing is to understand customers so it therefore becomes the main tool used in the hospitality industry, as their main goal is to satisfy customers.

Courses in marketing in the hospitality industry can show you how to conduct marketing research and analysis, which is essential for developing a strategy for your organization. If you want to be successful in the hospitality industry it is very beneficial to understand how to analyze and make a tactical strategy based on the market research. Not only will marketing allow you to understand your customers, but you will know how to handle your competitors as well.

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In the field of marketing in the hospitality industry, it is important for you to make informed marketing decisions for your organization. It is often helpful to examine case studies. For those who work in marketing in the hospitality industry, common tasks include analyzing competitors, collecting data, studying consumer behavior, and using research strategically and tactically.

Additionally, if you plan on working in human resources leadership or are already working in this field, you can also benefit greatly from studying marketing. Marketing can take your leadership role to another level. You will know how people have handled situations in the past whether it is a good or bad example, you will learn about human relations and exchange. Marketing, in many ways, is also about an exchange.

Another important point to remember about marketing is that a good idea is not useful unless it meets the consumer’s needs. The process of figuring out what the consumer needs and then implementing your idea based on that, could result in having to discard your original ideas. It is beneficial to study marketing because you will know why certain ideas work while other seemingly good ones fail. If you already have a broad knowledge about marketing in the hospitality industry, a great way to develop your knowledge further into sharp skills that you can use in any organization may be through a variety of specialized marketing courses.

Overall, you should understand why it is so important to know how to use marketing. While working in the hospitality industry, you will most likely come across a need for some marketing skills. Whether or not you have a ground-breaking marketing idea, you can be extremely successful at satisfying the customers of your organization which will make you very valuable anywhere.

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