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28 April

Jurliss, The Singapore Florist

Submitted by: Tomlinson Edwards

If it’s your heartthrob’s special day and you have done everything to make it a great day except for ordering flowers, just try Jurliss, the Singapore florist at! This site has a wide variety of flower bouquets for literally every occasion that you can think of. They have a well established international presence with the right delivery network to match. This way, even if your dear ones are far away from you, you can still show how much you miss them.

There are several reasons for sending flowers to people and it matters a lot when you send the right flowers for the right occasion as well. Besides being just a custom, flowers convey the message better than anything else. Especially if it is an occasion for personal celebration, like a wedding or an anniversary, flowers complete your message to your host. And this is where Jurliss, the Singapore florist comes in. You can order flowers online as per your budget.

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You may have good gift ready for the occasion, but nothing goes well as flowers do for the perfect gift. Flowers are indeed suitable for any occasion, romantic, congratulatory, thanksgiving, condolence or saying sorry. They express the sentiments of the sender in the warmest way. But to choose the correct flower for the right occasion can be a daunting task. Here, Jurliss Flowers offers a solution!

The hand bouquets come with a variety of categories, classified into roses, lilies, tulips, orchids and several others. So if you are planning to get something different for your sweetheart, or your host, there’s a variety for you to choose from! The florist gifts also come in categories of colours, if you choose to gift lilies. Sunflowers come with roses, bears, and greens. There are several carnations as well to choose from. You can also create an all new combination by combining various types of hand bouquets into a big one.

Jurliss’s flower arrangement is not confined to just hand bouquets. It offers several floral arrangements and has classified florist gifts into a variety of categories. Along with the florist gift according to the occasion, Jurliss also offers such arrangements as vase and table arrangements, rocher arrangements, and flower stands. Check out their table arrangement link for an idea. You will find a variety of arrangements along with helpful tips and guidelines about where and how to keep the flowers. What’s more, they even have a category that offers wine and flowers as well as fruits and flowers for special occasions. Good wine with good flowers is a sure way to steal the show!

Besides showing the florist’s variety online, the site also advises the ideal occasions for which flowers should be sent. It also has a category that offers just gifts for the occasion. Thus the user can easily find suitable gifts along with flowers to complete the message without any confusion. This is where Jurliss is of great help to those who feel at a loss or get into a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right flowers and gifts.

About the Author: The florist gifts can be ordered online and Jurliss flowers accept payment through Visa, Delta, MasterCard and American Express. So you just have to log on to:

, click and order the gift of your choice from Singapore florist


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9 March

Gifts For Folks Who Are In Their Fifties And Up

Gifts for Folks Who Are in Their Fifties and Up


D Gammell

You might notice that most people give more thought to gifts given to kids and teens rather than gifts for folks past fifty. Though it is true that most folks at that age can just buy whatever they want, it does not mean that you shouldnt give them great gifts. Now that the internet makes online shopping so easy, you can actually get lots of gift ideas in a jiffy. Try typing gifts for women Ireland and you will get lots of results in a few seconds. For this reason, you should be able to find gifts for both men and women of all ages easily.

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Being fifty and up is really not a bad age. After all, if you arent retired yet, you can soon be. This means having more free time to pursue other hobbies and interests as your kids are probably all grown up. At this age, most folks are almost done paying for their mortgage as well. To have more time and more money who wouldnt be happy? If you still find it difficult to come up with Christmas presents for friends and relatives who are over fifty, these are a few gift ideas. Before anything else, choosing gifts for a particular person will always depend on that persons interests. Lots of older adults past fifty take to travelling or gardening, but that might not be true for all. So, you must still take the time to know what their latest hobbies or interests are. In case the person does enjoy travelling, a personalized travel journal or scrapbook might be a good gift. Most men do not change much and a personalized bottle of 12 year old whisky can do the trick. It will also be useful for drinking to special occasions. On the bottles label, you can add the receivers name and a short message. Everyone has hopes and dreams. People over fifty will also have them. If in the past they did not have time to pursue those dreams, they can do so now. If you happen to know what a particular person dreams of, you can easily find lots of gift ideas to make that dream become a reality. For a person who has always wanted to learn how to fly a plane, flying lessons will be the ultimate gift. Everyone, even those past fifty, deserves to get special presents. Next time, keep that in mind when you start looking for gifts.

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Gifts for Folks Who Are in Their Fifties and Up

10 December

Home Gardening A Hobby That Fetch You Money

Home Gardening a hobby that fetch you money


Kim Wilhelm

Gardening was just a hobby years before. But now it has turned to a source of extra income too. There is market for vegetables, flowers etc and by using your extra time in a right way you can earn a lot of money from home gardening. As a result of various researches a number of new breeds of garden seeds have come up. This garden seed are modified to have resistance to various diseases and also with high productivity. Vegetable garden seed produced by various companies are capable of growing in less soil and water but produce more vegetables. These garden seeds require good attention to yield the expected result. So if you use your leisure time usefully, you can earn a lot from your home garden.

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The main problem for all to have a home garden is the lack of space. In crowded cities it is very important to built houses with enough open space and only a class of people can afford it. Most of the middle class people are living in multistoried apartments and may not have a terrace of their own too. In such situations biologically modified garden seeds will come for your help. They are able to grow even inside the houses. You can sow this vegetable seed in flower pots or even in unused plastic mugs and buckets. You can keep them inside your house and once in a while you can take out the plants for having sunlight. Vegetable garden seed

which has produced with bio technical process is having the capacity to do its functions by using limited sunlight. If you keep the plants grown from these

garden seeds

for an hour in sunlight it will produce enough food for the day and the crop will be good too.

As the soil in the pot or the mug will be less, the nutrients in soil also will be less. So after some time the soil becomes poor in nutrients. To avoid such a situation you will have to add fertilizers more frequently. Here it requires your regular attention. Besides, the plants grown from these vegetable garden seeds are immune to various diseases naturally. But it can be affected with some pests like flies and worms. So you should check the plants regularly and if you find out any affected leaves or branches, you should remove it in time to prevent the spreading of the infection. This will help the plant to grow healthy and give good results.

Thus by using vegetable seeds that are produced by biotechnology process you can spend your leisure time to make some extra money. So, choose your favorite vegetable seed and start home gardening today. You can eat your favorite vegetable afresh and also you can earn something extra.

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